Investment casting SPECIALIST
for IGT Blades and Vanes
To meet ever-growing demand for power, every year hundreds of new Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) generators are commisioned in the world. In addition, the existing IGT fleet requests to be maintained...
Injection of
wax pattern
in the mould
Wax pattern
of cluster
Coating of
on robotized line
Casting into
Knock-out of
shell mould
Parts cutting
and finishing
QA inspection
and final control
The team ot Turbine Casting offers :
• lost wax investment casting know-how,
• experience in the metallurgy of nickel and cobalt base superalloys,
• Industrial Gas Turbine expertise.
to customers worldwide with requirements for high quality
precision-cast blades and vanes.
Complete mastery
to deliver
The skills and expertise of the multi-disciplinary Turbine Casting team have given rise to complete mastery of the investment casting process for gas turbines.
• computerized injection presses provide high dimensional accuracy wax patterns,
• automated shelling process ensures repeatable dimensional accuracy,
• induction melting combined with high quality crucibles and superalloy billets provides very clean and reliable inclusion-free castings,
• casting techniques to reduce porosity and reach the optimized mechanical properties,
• selection of casting parameters which ensure the solidification control necessary for fine-grain equiaxed microstructures,
• Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) to improve mechanical properties and enhance rotary parts performance...
in Metallurgy
Turbine Casting is Specialist Supplier of Blades and Vanes for Gas Turbines.
Located in Le Creusot, famous for 200 years as a centre of metallurgy and engineering, Turbine Casting has developed a high level of competence based on the historically well-known lost-wax process.
Ceramic core
Wax pattern
Finished IGT
Zoom lens on the internal
serpentine cavity
Multiple quality inspection surveillance, as well as stage-by-stage ownership of product quality are applied throughout the development and manufacturing process :
• Serial number for each casting ensuring full traceability,
• Mechanical properties inspections are performed on each superalloy master heat,
• Individual alloy chemistry verification on each single casting,
• First Piece Qualification destructive tests for mechanical property testing,
• Continuous Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) data collection both in wax and metal condition for accurate investment casting,
• Airfoil wall thickness measurement in wax condition through Ultrasonic Testing,
• X-ray inspection of serpentine ceramic core after wax injection,
• SPC to monitor slurry mixture ageing,
• First Piece Qualification 100% dimensional check through contact free 3D laser,
• Focused statistical analysis to increase yield by process improvement and dimensional consistency,
• In case of complex cavity design (serpentine core), boroscopic inspection is performed to assure cleanliness after core leaching,
• Crystallographic grain size, morphology and porosity inspections through assisted optical microscope inspection by image scanning,
• Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection to check the absence of surface defects,
• X-ray and Gamma-ray inspections for bulk integrity,
• Destructive tests performed on samples of series rotary castings.
Contrôle non destructif
Contrôle radio
Our castings are helping
to keep the lights on
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